Sauer Center


  • 40 Acre, 200,000 sqft, Mixed Use Project in Richmond City
  • All Site Lighting with Dimming Controls
  • Shell Work for new Whole Foods
  • Renovation of Lee’s Chicken Building
  • L.F. Jennings Construction


Randolph Macon, Nursing


  • New 30,000 nursing educational building


Don Beyer Volvo


  • 14,224 renovation
  • Chesapeake Construction


Arts and Letters


  • 20,600 sq. ft. renovation
  • DPR Construction


840 Hermitage


  • 17,000 sq. ft. shell renovation
  • Saver properties



Randolph Macon Blackwell theater

  • 19,000 sq foot expansion and renovation to Blackwell theater building to include all new fire alarm system, theatrical lighting and controls, and addition of a studio theater.



Putney Office Building and Garage



Light House Instruments

  • New 26,000 SQ foot Headquarters and manufacturing facility in Charlottesville. Project to include all site lighting, generator, cable tray, buss duct, and 50hz electrical system using frequency converters.



River City Sportsplex

  • Build new concession building in rear of existing facility, to include all site lighting for parking and Musco lighting poles.


Southern Gas


  • New 20,000 sq foot facility to include office building and warehouse building, all associated dry utilities, site lighting, and generators for each building.